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The Digital SAT: Our Approach to the Test

Where the SAT is going, and how PrepVantage is getting ready

Only a few hours ago, major news outlets reported that the SAT will be revamping its test, with changes that will be phased in starting in 2023 and a completed revamp by 2024. More coverage is available at the following links.

The major items in the coverage are that 1) the SAT will be reduced to roughly two hours from its current three and 2) the test will soon be all-digital. Some other changes are planned: calculators will be allowed on all math items, longer reading passages will be eliminated, and the test will make use of modules that "adapt" question difficulties to the student's skill level.

So how might this shift affect you as a test-taker? And how are we at PrepVantage preparing? Here are a few answers.


  • If you are taking the current SAT and applying to colleges this fall, carry on. The changes are far enough off that you do not need to adjust your plans. Feel free to pick up more practice material on our Books page, too:

  • If you are taking the PSAT starting in 2023 and the SAT starting in 2024, stay posted about the new test. Some of the question-by-question strategies could stay the same, and so could some of the content areas. We will provide updates as we learn more. Because...


  • We are creating two final books for the current test, the SAT Words Vocabulary Guide and the SAT Verbal Strategy Ultimate Edition. It's been fun.

  • After these are ready, start looking for new books for the NEW TEST. Some of these will be strategy, some practice, all of the highest possible accuracy and quality.

  • Start looking also for online materials from us. We will of course be creating digital resources that are uniquely suited to an Internet-based test-taking experience.


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