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Terms and Conditions

Please note that all private lesson purchases are final and not eligible for refunds for the following courses.

  • SAT Essay: Short Course - SAT Essay: Deluxe Course; College Essay - Core Editing Program - College Essay: Deluxe Editing Program - SAT Reading and Writing: Core Course - SAT Reading and Writing: Deluxe Course - ACT English and Reading: Private Lessons - PSAT and National Merit Scholarship: Private Lessons

  • All Expert Tutoring Sessions (SAT Reading and Writing; ACT English and Reading; All PSAT; All College Application Essay)

  • SAT Lightning Round - ACT Lightning Round - PSAT Lightning Round - College Essay Lightning Round


Once the initial schedule for any of these courses has been set through correspondence with or through contact with your admin or tutor, there will be a $25 re-scheduling fee to change the time of any one lesson. For instance, if a student re-schedules two lessons that have been purchased, a $50 re-scheduling fee will apply.

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