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Coming Soon: New PrepVantage Books and Lessons!

Over the past two years, we at PrepVantage have created an array of SAT, PSAT, and ACT books, along with results-driven SAT Essay and College Essay lessons. A new school year is nearing, and - with anticipation running high for a new round of tests and applications - we would like to give you a preview of our soon-to-be-released projects.

Fall 2019

- SAT Reading: New Practice Tests

- SAT Guide: Grammar Strategy

- Testing Seminar: Full SAT Course (NJ Only)

Winter 2019-2020

- The College Essay Master Guide

- SAT Math: New Practice Tests

- SSAT/ISEE: Vocabulary Guide

- Testing Seminar: Full SAT Course (NY Expansion)

Spring 2020

- GRE Verbal: New Practice Tests

- SSAT/ISEE: Reading Comprehension

- Ultimate College Essay Course (NJ, NY, and CT Only)

So feel free to book one of our current online lessons or explore our current book list, but make sure to check back soon. We can't wait to see you in PrepVantage Phase 2!

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