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Welcome to PrepVantage

Drawing on years of education industry expertise, we at PrepVantage launched this site with a specific set of goals and values in mind. We aimed to be both thoughtful and modern - to take all the best elements of a traditional education or publishing company and combine them with the agility of a truly 21st-century startup. We aimed, too, to achieve both depth and breadth in education. Over time, we will evolve into a single-destination company for all your educational needs - and will meet each of those needs better than any other company can.

Our story begins here, and so does a new chapter in your own story of excellence. As you explore this site, you will discover lessons and books that are crafted to give you the finest possible background in essay writing and critical thinking. Master the SAT, the ACT, the GRE, or the entire array of college applications, with us to guide you.

Welcome to PrepVantage. And welcome to excellence.

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